Phineas and Ferb: Good, Clean Fun

The Lowdown

I’m sure you’ve heard of them. You’ve probably seen their roller coasters from your house.


Phineas and Ferb is a cartoon about two brothers who build a bunch of crazy, impressive stuff while their sister, Candace, tries to bust them. Meanwhile, their pet platypus, Perry, is actually a secret agent and has to duke it out daily with a wannabe supervillain named Dr. Doofenshmirtz. The family has no idea of Perry’s double life.

Comedy with Integrity

As a dear friend, let’s call her Allie, once put it, Phineas and Ferb is quality comedy. P&F doesn’t settle for the cheap stuff—mean jokes, dirty jokes, shock value etc. Although, there is plenty of ironic fourth wall-breaking. (This thing was the Deadpool movie before there was a Deadpool movie.)

This show holds up as good not coolness or suaveness, or always having what you want, but being kind and capable and making the best of every situation. It has an irrepressibly positive outlook. For example, the boy Candace pines after likes her back, despite her weird, sometimes rude behavior and constant panic attacks. Phineas exemplifies the show’s sincerity (“Look! A sponge and a starfish! There’s gotta be something we can make out of this! Ah! Oh, no, that’s ridiculous!”) while Ferb embodies its competence and sarcasm. And Candace is relatable to any girl who’s ever suffered from anxiety.

It also values quiet people. Arguably the two coolest characters in the show, Perry, who is a semiaquatic James Bond with a conscience, and Ferb, who can build and do anything, barely make a sound. Ferb has next to no lines, to the point that the other characters joke about it, and Perry, being a platypus, doesn’t talk at all. Perry, however, as Allie also pointed out, comes across as a more talkative character because of how expressively he is drawn. When Ferb isn’t cruising in a souped-up alien ship or rapping about a spa, he looks completely blank.

In Summation

Go try it. Even if Phineas and Ferb doesn’t turn out to be your cup of tea, it will in no way leave you feeling down.


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