Her (2013) by Spike Jonze : Intimacy

The Lowdown

Her (2013), set vaguely in the future, is the story of a professional letter-writer (Iaquin Phoenix) who falls in love with his computer, Samantha (Scarlett Johansson, Lucy.) Eventually, she and the other computers become too advanced to stay on this plane of existence, and Samantha has to leave him in order to find herself. Phoenix is saddened, but has grown because of their relationship, and peacefully lets her go.

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This is a film all about intimacy. Amy (Amy Adams, Enchanted) struggles to feel connected to her husband, who does not understand her artistic temperament or her work (she makes documentaries.) Iaquin Phoenix’s character is lonely, staying up late in chat rooms with strangers, trying to achieve some kind of closeness. It is only when he and Samantha fall in love that he finds intimacy and is able to feel free.

I have never heard Johansson’s voice so expressive. I believe this is because her whole role is voiceover. Usually, she is boxed in by the expectations that come from being a sex symbol. Here, she doesn’t have to do anything but act, and it’s mind-blowing.


It’s cuddly. Go see it.


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